I recently had the pleasure to co-facilitate at a feminine leadership event. When approached, I was  excited about the opportunity to connect with women and honoured to be asked. 

But I was also fearful. 

The old programs running in my head as they always do when new opportunities present.

Anything new, any situation or job that I've never done before brings on anxiety, and fear.

There I said it. 

Essentially I'm afraid of everything. But only long enough for me to recognize it for what it is, and release it. 

This fear is always coming up for my freedom. Isn't that the most beautiful way to interpret fear? It is an opportunity to overcome, unravel, to move through, to at last become free.


My general rule is, if it makes me uncomfortable if it brings up fear, or thoughts that "i am not ______ enough," then that's my sign from the universe of the path I must take.

The next step is always to work through the fear, through the discomfort.

Scary right?? 

Yup, it can be. But let me tell you what is scarier to me then overcoming MY fears of not being enough.

  • My daughters never believing that they can overcome theirs
  • My daughters choosing comfort over personal growth
  • My daughters believing their "not enough" thoughts

I cannot allow that to happen. Period.

 Plus when you get to the other side of the fear... That freedom part I mentioned. It feels so good. 

Does your low self-worth and belief in those “not enough” thoughts hold you back from your evolution, from your freedom, from your ability to be intimate with others, including your children, partner and friends?


You should know, Its a big fat lie.

You are enough, just as you are.

Perfectly imperfect. 

An infinite being of light and love.

Its a know brainer, which would you rather your child believe? 

1. That they are enough. Whole, complete, and perfect in every moment. Good or bad, happy or sad, hard or easy, comfortable or scared. 


2. That they are not enough, that they can't do it, that it is too scary to try, that its not worth the trouble.


Our children are our greatest teachers. 

Parenting IS your spiritual journey! 

 I move through this scary stuff for my own growth, but I'm acutely aware that they are watching me rise, they see me being different, being conscious, courageous & curious. 

I can not expect them to be brave, to be kind, and go for their biggest dreams if I am not willing to do it myself. 

So I want to know, what is making you scared right now? What opportunities are coming up for your freedom, that you can claim right now, by writing it down or commenting here. Say it, name it, take away its power over you!

And if you are ready to commit to your own evolution, to parenting consciously, and moving through your journey with grace. 

I have a fantastic offering for you! 

4-steps to evolutionary parenting that is guaranteed to evolve your soul instead of feeling like your spiritual journey takes you away from raising your children, or that raising your children is not on your spiritual path.

Here is what you will take away from this webinar:

  • Get clear about what you value most, where you want to be, who you want to be, and how you want to show up. Sifting through what is yours, and discarding visions, or goals that do not belong to you.
  • How to move in the right direction, create a practice that is for YOU, yet serves everyone else as a result.
  • Get into the rhythm by learning to flow with the breath of life, creating structure and balance in the home, so everyone finds comfort in knowing what is coming next.
  • Letting go of the inner conflict and guilt about not being a good enough parent because you are working on yourself.
  • Feel confident in leading your family, and making decisions, trusting that you know what is best in that moment.